Hindavi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Hindavi Technologies is an expert in User Experience Design and Product Development Life Cycle. Over the past decade, Hindavi has successfully deployed over 300 projects globally. Hindavi’s Outsourced Development Center (ODC) is located in Pune, the educational and IT hub of India and has worked with renowned clients like United Nations (UN), Suzlon, Kimberly Clark, POSCO, Mahindra & Mahindra, Forbes Marshall, United Breweries as well as cool tech-startups and medium scale enterprises.

Rohan Karnataki

Mr. Rohan Karnataki

First generation technopreneur with an experience of over 12 years in the IT industry. A computer science graduate with management degree from Australian National University (ANU) currently pursuing PhD in Strategic Philanthropy.

"Hindavi Technologies is a catalyst for business growth and first choice for enterprises looking for a long-term technology partner. I align myself with my clients’ vision and work towards achieving their business goals.

My vision is to create 1 million jobs in India by 2020 and be at the forefront of technology innovations."


Core Values

"To thine own self be true"

Be truthful to self. Never compromise on integrity, transparency and commitment. No hidden agenda.

"It is not hard work if its
heart work"

If you love what you do, you will never have to
work another day.

"Communication is not for impressing but expressing"

Communicate with confidence and not with fear.
Ask the right questions and be ready for a healthy

"Limitations are limited to limits of mind"

Challenge yourself everyday to a new horizon in
terms of technology application, business outcomes
and professional growth



Radhakrishna Bandal UX/ UI Design
Radhakrishna Bandal
UX/ UI Design

A Gold medalist and Award Winning Designer with over 10 years industry experience, Radhakrishna is at the forefront of UX/ UI design trends.

Manas Maratkar Technology Operations
Rashmi Mantri
Technology Design

An intrapreneur, with a rich experience of 15 years working in US, Rashmi heads the technology team and is a catalyst for business growth. Her passion is working on complex system architectures and is a certified PMP.

Manas Maratkar Technology Operations
Manas Maratkar
Technology Operations

Technopreneur and an avid supporter of Open Source technologies, Manas has delivered more than 100 projects for clients across the globe in his 12 years career.

Prathemesh Apte Marketing Associate
Prathemesh Apte
Marketing Associate

A techno-preneur with armed forces background, Prathemesh believes not just in working but networking and designs strategies for marketing and client acquisition.