Hindavi Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

UX / UI Design
User Experience / User Interface Design

If you think good design is expensive,
you should look at the cost of bad design

- Dr. Ralf Speth
We are focused on creating emotional designs that focus purely on human experience. We think at creative, cultural and technical levels to design experiences for products and applications. Our emphasis is on creating clean, desirable and engaging UX / UI.
Hindavi emotional designs
We know that the most astounding designs are accomplished by a holistic understanding of business need, long-term product vision and end user. We are passionate about translating our client’s goals into amazing digital experience for the end user.
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Design is not just what it looks like
and feels like. Design is how it works

– Steve Jobs

Design Flurry

Get the entire product design and development team
under the same roof and generate a strategy roadmap
with key performance indicators.

Initiate the project or process or bring innovation to a product
concept by discovery, insights, conception, prototyping
and validation.

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User Experience Design

Personality Development

Identify the set of users for the product and draw clear understanding of their expectations from the experience. Think beyond their demographics, cultural aspects, behavior and preferences and create a persona that brings end users to life.

Information Architecture

Put yourself in customers shoe and feel their needs. Apply entire research, insights and feedback to structure the Information Architecture in a way that clarifies the behavioral and emotional interactions at each step of the architecture. Map this to the existing business goals and present as the best.

Interaction Flows

Map customer’s optimal interactions through the product experience by means of user validation techniques, human interaction and persuasion behavior and analysis of models that guide human emotions. Optimize the experience for creation of discoverable, emotional and desirable touch points that are intuitive and natural.

Wireframes and Prototypes

Craft low-fidelity designs by white-boarding, sketching that would be built into HTML designs that validate the user experience in terms of look and feel & navigational movement.

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User Interface Design & Front-End Development

Visual Design

Define and create high-fidelity retina grade design assets through mood boards, typography / style guides and grid systems. UX strategy must ensure that the design not only looks visually appealing, but also works perfectly.

User Interface Development

Code in a Responsive Environment using latest technologies that are robust, customizable and scalable. Core focus is to validate and document the code and ensure that it works in the manner it was designed.